Die Mitglieder

„Snowball“ (Johannes Rühle)

Drums, percussion, CP70 stage piano (you just can’t keep him away from it…), the occasional keyboard and some more floor board devices. And a bit more serious backing vocals.

„Citizen“ (Jürgen Raab)

Guitars, vocals, CP70 stage piano, some keyboards (but only the generic soundfillers, not the real cool stuff…) and some of the floor board devices that still work and can cope with live situations.

Stefan „Lemmi“ Lehmann

Most important: he’s the one with the hat (please don’t ask if there’s still hair left under it…), guitars, and even more guitars, austrian impersonations (but not yet within THIS band…), backing vocals (the serious ones).

„Napoleon“ (Marco Fioravanti)

Vintage synthesizers and keyboards (the good ones with those old, awesome sounds…), bass guitars, electric guitars, and an endless array of old and broken („kaputt“) floor board devices that make everything sound crucially cooler. And, err, backing vocals.